Become a Voice Artist - Unleash your Voice Talent

Voice Over is a Talent based, recession FREE work, best suited for independent individuals...
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  • 1. Age No Bar. Believe in your voice talent. Passion to learn. Practice with confidence.

Course Descriptions

Voice Over is a Talent based, recession FREE work, best suited for independent individuals who like to be self-employed in exploring opportunities to earn. Most talents also work from home with the required knowledge. It's always good to know swimming before you jump into the pool, likewise, good training and some sharpening on your skills by your mentor and trainer are needed, before you get onto the business. If you are passionate about your voice and want to learn more about voice over. If you love what you do, this is the course for you. My classes on “Become a Voice Artist - Unleash your Voice Talent ” enrich intricate details, for an aspirant in understanding the nuances, metrics, and vitals on voice-overs, with regard to … • How to get started & how the industry works. • What is voice over & how to practice on the craft • Explore all genres of voiceover & Voice rates • How to socialize in the internet world, find a Market Place & branding • Find possible ways to find work online and contact the right client • Breathing Exercises & Modulation techniques. • Understanding the script, self-practice by recording and listening • How to make your DEMO simple & elegant. When to make a website. • Get along the most FAQ's and the Do's & Don'ts.

Student Will Get After Completion

Become a Voice Artist - Unleash your Voice Talent 

For a better understanding, I have split my Course Plan, into 5 Lessons with 5 Subtitles.   

Lesson 1…

  • What is a Voice Over?
  • Who is a Voice Talent?
  • Kinds of Voice Over
  • Voice Over career
  • Life as a Voice Artist

Lesson 2…

  • Myths & Misconceptions’
  • About the Voice Over Industry – How it works
  • Voice Over Marketplace – Social Media & Branding
  • How Clients and Talents Interact
  • Voice Pricing, & Client’s Budget

Lesson 3…

  • Voice over techniques & types
  • Basic self-training qualities
  • Obstacles & Remedies
  • Methods for Voice Relaxation
  • Breathing Exercise’s & Voice Caring

Lesson 4…

  • Make Your DEMO
  • Who hires Voice Over?
  • Voice Audition
  • Professional Recording Studio
  • Home Studio Set Up

Lesson 5…

  • Voice Rates – Your commercials
  • Do’s & Don’ts, FAQ’s
  • Practice makes you perfect - Watch TV, YouTube, Self-Recording & Feedback
  • Website – Your Identity is your company
  • Recap
  • 799.00
  • 4999.00
  • 84.02 % off

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