20 hours of Algorithm in C-Language – Doubt Assistance Course – By Prateek Jain (IIT Roorkee)



Algorithms are used in every part of computer science. They form the field’s backbone. In computer science, an algorithm gives the computer a specific set of instructions, which allows the computer to do everything, be it running a calculator or running a rocket. Computer programs are, at their core, algorithms written in programming languages that the computer can understand. Computer algorithms play a big role in how social media works: which posts show up, which ads are seen, and so on. These decisions are all made by algorithms. Google’s programmers use algorithms to optimize searches, predict what users are going to type, and more. In problem-solving, a big part of computer programming is knowing how to formulate an algorithm. Credit

Here are steps that should be followed by all computer science students who want to become successful programmer.

  • Step – 1 Learn C-language complete concept from scratch to advance – Click here
  • Step – 2 Learn Algorithm – (sorting and time complexity)
  • Step – 3 Learn Data Structure using c-language – Click here

Course Pre-requirements – 

  • Students should knowledge about c-language
  • Instant activation
  • Internet connection needed only for downloading the video, After that no internet connection needed
  • Content will be activated for 6 months
  • It contains only 2 unit (Time Complexity and Sorting Algorithm of around 20+ Hours)


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